I, and it appears that qui


I, and it appears that quite a few others from my internet searching, have discovered a problem with the Zoom H4’s timebase accuracy. I bought this unit to record interviews and audio for video of musical performances, but I find that when trying to sync the audio from the H4 with my video, the sound lags the video after just a few minutes. After doing some tests by recording a shortwave radio tuned to the National Bureau of Standards time signal for over an hour, I’ve found that the recorder is slow by about 1.069 seconds every 39 minutes (this was the closest to 1 sec. of error I could measure, hence the odd choice of numbers to report). While this is not a big deal when recording for audio only, It’s not usable at all for video when trying to maintain lip sync and fingers on stringed instruments. I corrected it on the first project that I used the H4 for by splitting the audio file about every 3 minutes at a quiet spot, and cutting out the equivalent time of about 2 frames of video. This is not going to be acceptable on long video projects. I’ve experienced this exact same problem on two different H4s recording the same performance at the same time and read about it from others on different forums.

Please tell me that there may be some fix for this because I really love this little recorder and don’t want to have to give it up. I done this same type of thing with an old MiniDisc recorder for years and never had a single problem with time accuracy, but those are not readily available anymore and are too much trouble with external mics and discs, etc. PS. I’m not even going to mention the "beep" problem with the H4s. I have heard it, by really trying to make it happen, but it’s not an objectional concern to me. Please, please, tell me something can be done.

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