I am wanting to video High


I am wanting to video HighSchool games for my grandson who is presently 8th grade. I am computer literate but not at all familiar with photography or videotaping. My funds are limited but I will spend what is necessary to do the task at hand. I would like for the camera to last for the next 5 years at a minimum. There will be no income derived from this project.

From reading the forums for the past two weeks, I plan to go with the Sony DCR-VX2100. I will probably purchase everything from B&H so I am trying to get my initial order ready.

I will be filming small school basketball and football. This means that the gyms will generally not be as well lit as larger schools. I am on the edge of appalachia in SE Ohio and therefore many of the schools do not have a great sports comples.

Most of the info that I have gathered is from Wedding Videoing and other than less importance on audio there seems to be many similarities. Except with weddings, the intense action generally takes place after the videoing quits.

1. Do I use the same lens for Basketball as for Football. I will be closer to the action in Basketball as I will be filming from the stands and the court is shorter. Wide angle, I could capture more of the action with less panning but would it be appropriate? Football, I will be in the stands or booth but never on the sidelines. Filter? I remember on another thread that it was recommended to use a filter to protect the camera lens. Which filter should I use for this camera.

2. I figure that an external mike won’t be necessary as I will use the roar of the crowd and announcers for background. But – on windy nights at football games, can I mute the mike or put a cloth over it? Or what are some of the options for this.

3. I plan to use two tapes for each game as the flags and penalties are sometimes as interesting as the action. Sometimes a AC outlet may be available so should I also purchase an additional AC Adapter?

4. Tripod and/or monopod – Football games won’t be too bad with using a tripod but Basketball games will probably require a monopod as generally the bleachers are rather crowded and I will want as high as I can get. What is the most inexpensive yet functional units for this purpose using the VX2100. Portability is a concern. As is a good carrying case for the camera and accessories.

5. Would it be possible to use a cheaper camera to upload the tapes to the computer or to a DVD recorder. Once the tape is recorded with the VX2100, would I lose quality by uploading with a cheaper camera to reduce the load on the Sony. I will retain tapes at least until I get them into the computer. I probably won’t be able to upload to a computer and start editing until March or April but I will be putting on DVD for my grandson to review. ( I am heavily into the AARP Tax-Aide program and will be super busy until mid April.)

I know this is a lot but I wanted to provide as much info so I could get the appropriate advice.

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