I am using XP professional


I am using XP professional version 5.1.2600 (retail) with service pack 1 only.

The computer is an Asus P4P800 with intel 865E chipset, 800mHz Front serial bus, 2 Meg Dual DDR 400 ram
Intel Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz Processor – on todays market – its a clunker
Onboard 5.1 SoundMax audio system using SPDF out.
Sound plugs in to my old Home Theatre Marantz 5.1 digital amp via SPDF out and delivered to Mordaunt-Short AVANT 902 speakers (5)
and Webconic Sub woffer. Sounds HOT.
Asus VGP-V9480 video adaptor – 128Mb, 274 Mhz GPU
Video capture is via Pinnacle AV/DV card with break out box – analog and digital via firewire. (about 5 years old)
2 x Samsung Syncmaster 753 DFX monitor – yep- they’re CRT – more old stuff (saving up for 2 x 21" wide screen LCD monitors)
2 X Segate Barracuda 120 GB 7200 hard drives. – 1 for operating system and 1 for photo’s and music for projects.
2 x 250 GB Segate Barracuda Sata hard drives hi spin – 1 for caputre and 1 for projects
1 x 300 GB Fire wire removable hard drive for " Created DVD, but do not burn" projects.
1 x Asus dual layer DVD Burner
1 x Sony dual layer DVD Burner

The IDE Hard drives are together – master and slave, the optical drives are together – master and slave.

Apart from studio 9 & 10 and their associated "add ons and plug ins"
I have two other programs installed – Nero 6 OEM version for burning and AVS DVD player – has 5.1 capability so I check
the DVD on my computer system without the need to go up to the house and check it on the Theatre system.
I have a 5 metre x 3 mtr "computer lab" – as my son calls it, down in a 6mtr x 12 mtr Machinery shed that was home for 15 years!

I have three computers networked. The Video system, an Audio computer that does all my audio recording and record restorarations –
Its amazing how good you can make an old 78 r.p.m. record sound!
The third computer – which gets the most work is for business, internet and photo restoration. Unfortuately Business gets most use.

Don’t know what prices are like in the States, but our stuff is about 3 years behind in availabilty and costs the earth.


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