I am using Studio 10. It


I am using Studio 10.

It wants something (Studio) to convert with.

Have you heard of a camcorder that would do this before?

I have tried to change the extention to .avi but then it wants some extention to edit two layer audio and video again.

I got this from some JVC person in Japan that can’t speak English…but I am not exactly sure what it means…does it mean that I won’t be able to edit the video AT ALL?

"I understand you are inquiring about transferring your files to your pc.
Unfortunally at this time in order for you to edit your files or see
your files on pc you will need to install the software that came with
the camcorder. You will not be able to convert the MOD. Files to
anything else unless you use the software to do so. If you need
assistance with this you will need to contact cyberlink at
http://www.cyberlink.com . Please open the attached file to download the
software guide. I’m certain this will help you in your efforts.

We, at the JVC companies, regret the difficulties you have experienced
with your JVC product, as well as any inconveniences those difficulties
may have caused."

I can’t believe someone would make a camcorder this horrible! After all the positvive reviews I have heard with it!


Thanks again!


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