I am using compressor and


I am using compressor and am getting visible lines on a couple of clips. After figuring out the correct settings, I exported the video file and no visible lines. I had to re-edit a minor mistake on the actual video and than re-compressed to the above mentioned codec again and im now getting visible scan lines on 2 or 4 clips. Why is it doing that and how can I fix it when compressing?

It seems hit or miss because some of my my test compressions don’t have visible scan lines and somtimes they do.

What is the best compression settings in Final Cut Compressor for these specs?

Format: Quicktime .MOV
Codec: MPEG IMX 625/50
Bit Rate: 50 Mbps
Frame size: 720×512
Field Order: Upper/Top First
Frame Rate: 29.97 drop frame
Audio: 16 bit / 48KHz uncompressed, 4 channel

I couldn’t upload screen shots explaining my issue with out uploading the images to photobucket, etc. Here is a link to my other discussion in the apple community.


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