I am using a sony but I am


I am using a sony but I am thinking of an Azden. I get good quality sound from the lapel mic but I keep replacing the mic due to the cords.
As a back up I would suggest a digital audio recorder with a second lavalier mic. I use these with a sony vx2100’s by the way. The sony VX2100 is nice in low light conditions. I lost sound from my lapel mic when the groom was saying his vows in one of the noisiest wedding I have been in the last 20 years. That was a lesson for me I did not have to retake the course either. I want to let you know I have not been doing video long and others can probably give better advise. But I thought I would bring up the digital audio recorder as back up. I have been doing Photography for over 20 years with my wife and more and more brides asked if we did video. I took a class but I am finding nothing beats experiance.

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