I am truly thankful for al


I am truly thankful for all of your responses, they are very informational and detailed.

To give a little more detail, our last video was made in ’92, was 15-20 min. and cost us $30,000. It was made by the local TV station, which to me is why it cost so much (actor, site shooting, editing and all). We are a small company (40-50 employees full time) that is trying to expand at a rapid rate. I cannot convince them otherwise to outsource this, they feel it would be a hassle, because of the video footage we will be shooting, per se at the last minute they may ask me to travel 300 miles to capture certain footage at a particular job site, or fly somewhere last minute. That just isn’t something you can ask of a professional at the last minute, which is how these things are sometimes. I understand this may blow up in our face because of the inexperience we have at doing this, but I am confident in our abilities and they are stuck like glue to me doing this. So I was wondering if you all could recommend a good camcorder to start this project out with. And to responses:

kfox: I totally agree with what your saying, I will start looking around for someone as a contingency plan (who should I be looking for wedding videographer or what title?)

birdcat: I’m in a similar situation you were in except, it’s not really create a department thing, it’s add to whatever your currently doing (website, form design, tech specialist, phone administrator, graphic designer, assitant network admin, etc. etc.)

Thank you all again for your help and advice.

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