I am telling you the truth


I am telling you the truth.

This videographer uses 3 stands for lighting the isle, dancing floor and other places at the hall that has poor lighting. (He uses 500, 800 and 1000 WATTS) I’ve gone to about 15 events with this guy (we don’t have one every night) and all halls had poor lighting. He showed me how without setting up lights, the faces have shadows and poor coloring on the faces, due to the different shades of colors the halls lights cast. I have read a lot about setting up lights for video, and I can’t understand why you say that it’s not done.

My job was to keep moving the lights to different locations in the hall (when they would take pictures of the family, the dancing floor, the isle) and sometimes he would want one light as a key light and one as a back light. I also had to stand with the lights so no one should knock them over.

Also, some occations had seperate dancing, so I would stand with a light and keep turning it toward the direction he would be shooting.

So maybe this guy isn’t doing what most people do, but I always see videographers set up lights on stands at halls.

Furthermore, he shoots events 2 – 3 times a week. He has an etidor that helps him the rest of the days to get the editing done. Some weeks he doesn’t have events at all. He’s been in the business for 18 years so I’m sure he knows how to keep his schedule and get the editing done.

Also, most of the events were religious events and here in Israel, weddings and Bar-Mitzvas start at sunset so they are all at nights.

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