I am on my second GL2, and


I am on my second GL2, and I have used them both primarily in the outdoors. I go through a camera about every three years, (because that is how long I can get an extended warrantys for -through my dealer). For most users an extended warranty is not worth the investment, but if you are going to use a quality camera outdoors I would not only invest in an extended warranty, but insurance as well (Insurance isn’t that expensive for the peace of mind).

The key to having an extended warranty is to use it, and I send my camera in at least once a year to haveit cleaned and checked over, (dust and moisture taketheir toll)more than once the warrantyhas saved me from payingcostly repairs, but not specifically with the GL2’s.

The main reason I bought my firstGL2 was for the 20x Optical Lens (Cannon has quality lenses) and it was the bestpackage I could afford at the time. I bought my second GL2 because I wasn’t ready to jump into HD, since there wasn’t anything out there (within my budget) with a half decent zoom lens, however that has changed in the past year.

Sony is another one of my favorite products, and I have bounced back and fourth between the two companies forwho ever has the best optical zoom availableat the time, within my budget. Although I value the lense, it isn’t the onlyfeature to consider, depending on your style. The GL2 will not capture stills directly from the MiniDV tapeto the available SD memory card, andI didn’t buy a video camera to take still pictures. I have had less expensive Sony, (and Cannon) cameras that can easily do that capture, and it is a very nice feature.

I don’t know anything about the DCR-VX2100, except it has a 12x optical lens, and that wouldn’t fit my desires in an outdoor camera.

This is my first post, and I hope it helps, but I just wish I could figure out how to use an internal spel checker, if there’s oneavailable?

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