“I am not sure if Vegas wi


“I am not sure if Vegas will work on a Mac though.”

Actually, it will if you go through all the trouble of partitioning your main drive and go through all of that ‘Bootcamp’ nonsense. I have colleagues who are die hard Vegas fans who are mac users and have it on their systems. Often though, they find the performance is much better on a dedicated Window’s editor. In fact, now long as all your hardware is mac compatible (which most of it is) you can partition your harddrive (if it’s FAT32) and put Snow Leopard on it (illegally of course.)

And you’ll only have ‘crashing problems’ with Windows if you don’t have the latest drivers for your programs or are not using hardware compatible with the spec’s recommended for your NLE. I’ve had AFX lock up on me on both win/mac systems and once we updated drivers for the usual culprits, ‘plug-ins’ we would be back up and running.

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