I am not sure about the mi


I am not sure about the mic input but you might start by checking out Pure Digital’s Flip UltraHD http://www.theflip.com especially if you are looking for something in the budget category that still has the potential to deliver what you want. The image quality from this group of cameras is GREAT so long as they aren’t UNDER- or OVER-Lighted, and the quality is best appreciated when they are tripod mounted.

The UltraHD has built-in 8Gb of memory, uses an included rechargeable battery pack or AAs. It does shoot ONLY in 720p and the data rate is 9.1Mbps. It captures 44.1 kHz stereo. All this info came from the Oct. issue of MacWorld in a multiple-model review of these smaller cameras.

I could not, however, find something that indicated audio input, so it is likely the camera would be missing this component – and a deal breaker for you if you MUST have the connection for your production needs. In a sound-controlled environment, with the on-camera mic in close proximity, however, it might do – especially for a very affordable $200 purchase price.

I intend to get one, or two, as backup POV cameras to go along with my soon-to-be purchased pair of Panasonic HMC-150s.

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