I am not real sure where


I am not real sure where Moab Man is coming from but the two operating systems are more alike than dis-alike. Underneath both are more or less a Unix based system. Mac has chosen to use more the POSIX “standard” (if there really is such a thing) while Microsoft has not. As far as “going on in the background” that is a little general to answer. All modern operating systems have a lot going on in the background because they multi-task – because that is what we demand. The only real difference between a modern PC running the latest 64-bit operating system and a Mac running the latest version of the Mac OS is the look of the operating system and the software each will run. They use the same processors and almost identical hardware now. There is very little difference any more. (Mac people will say different but they always try to compare a 4 year old PC running WinXP to the latest Mac running SnowLeopard)

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