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I am not real familiar with your camcorder model, but one thing you need to do is get your exposure under control. Theater lighting is frequently very contrasty. If your camcorder has a spotlight setting, use it. Otherwise you may want to consider riding the iris, provided you have a decent monitor to view your video. Something I used to do was to let some of the highlights run off the scale so you can preserve some detail in the shadows. Your video will look less harsh and you can tone down the highlights in post.

Oh and a trick I used with good results is to shoot a reference image befor the show. I liked to shoot a large white card, it is critical that the the card not be moved between the shots. Zoom in as much as possible and record the card with both cameras. Then during post, you can use your TBC (or color correction settings) to match the colors.

Have fun out there.

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