I am not from US, but I ca


I am not from US, but I can tell you that the situation is similar in my country. A wedding party is getting more and more expensive and besides wealthy people others just try to cut cost anywhere they can, and video is a good place unfortunately.

In my experience, trying to sell only the video production service is quite complicated. Most successful people working at weddings sells both photo and video in a package. This is more convenient for the marrying couple for price and also having only 1 provider.
Try to partner a photographer to sell a package rather than video-only service.
Also, being also an serious-amateur photographer I feel that people tend to give more importance to the wedding photos and the video. They use the video to laugh for a time just after the wedding, but within the years they prefer the photos, so they allocate more budget to the photographer, and if they don’t have money they ask a friend with some skills to shoot the video.

Moreover, now consumer electronics are getting better and better, and cheaper, so skills aside the quality of a good consumer video camera is good enough not to spend in a pro. Also, NLE is also very handy with Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Elements. With some imagination, time and reasonably artistic sense many people can edit the video with good results (at least for them).

In the past, a pro photographer or videomaker just had to go and take the stills or the footage. Now, to be competitive you have to take the stills and footage, have a live view of your work during the party with wireless connection and an assistant, make a live wedding summary for the end of the party in real time editing, tweak the material in PS so the brides mother looks like in Cosmopolitan, special effects in the menus, and so on. People dont want to wait 2 or 3 weeks to see the material anymore. The concept is fast, now and better. Sooner, they will ask for a 3D wedding video.

In my experience, to make real money from weddings you must provide your service to wealthy people, but for doing that you must be among the top 20 studios and a have a good investment, offering the photo and video plus all the fireworks. Targeting to average becomes a very pricing competitive. Ill do that but most for the experience and to have a plus income but not for living.

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