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I am not familiar with this specific software. However, as some of the others have commented, if the program is providing you with generic “loops” and or “samples” they are not really protected as an intellectual property. For EXAMPLE: a “pad” of say voices in “G” is not a “work”. Therefore is you use it, or change the key, you are ok. However, if you are using one of there “melodies” you are expected to “clear” the music. That is to say you must acquire a Sync license.

For the record, we work with major artists all the time doing live concerts and music clearances and rights is a big part of our business. We also score all our own music for our music beds, themes, etc. That said, you should consider that acquiring a Sync License from a publisher(s) is not always “expensive”. Like anything else ther is negotiation to be done. I would not suggest selecting a U2 track, but if you select a track you want to use that is just “PERFECT”, it is worth contacting the publisher. If you only want to use it as a theme song on your site for example, it is possible to negotiate an small fee.

Typically, the cost for a “Synchronization” and or “Master Use” license is based specifically on intended use. So if you are not talking about U2 or Lady Gaga, you might find you can negotiation a reasonable deal!

In most cases the Label will be more difficult to deal with than the Publisher. That said, you can always re-record your own version of the song, which will allow you to by-pass the “label” and simply apply for the sync license?

I am available if you need more details on acquiring and or negotiating rights, and GOOD LUCK!

The Doctor!

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