I am not a seasoned vetera


I am not a seasoned veteran, except at getting shaky video :), finally in Vegas (Studio) but before that in many other softwares, when working with a 50p source.

I also have wonderful output from my camera (and beneath your jitter I can see that your GoPro has certainly done a good job. I think they have improved scarily)

I wanted to have the ability to go to DVD, other people, Youtube, etc. So asking me, what my intentions were for the output, was (common and) largely useless.

I struggled to get answers I understood, because they were usually so far above my noob level of understanding, but in the end I have started to get some good results. There was also a lot of often completely conflicting advice, none of which worked, when I could understand it. Maybe I can help.

I am a bit verbose !, but I am willing to put in the time each reply to either help, or get others to help.

I am pretty sure I know exactly the problem you are getting. I have nearly solved it and perhaps I can start you off, so we can work together on this.

SO. Some initial questions.

Have you
tried rendering Interlaced ? (AFAICS upper field first or LFF work
equally, but I am sure that this will be wrong as I diversify play
(This worked for me, but I only suggest you
try it. As soon as I posted to YT, YT failed to deinterlace and that was
that Vegas needs progressive output).

You start at 960 48p. What are some of the
renderers you tried in Vegas? What player(s) have you used? What result do you get if you save at the native frame rate?…hmmmmm…I do not think you can…maybe try another fast frame rate..

I suggest naming your test files with the details of the render. so “mpeg-2 25p 720 400 ” mpeg-2 25i T (op)F (rame)F (irst) 700 400″ etc

Grab a programme called MediaInfo. It gives you all the info about a video, just like a really good metadata (exif) reader for still shots.

It should install as a Windows right-click menu item, so all you need to do is right click on the video you want, the ask for MediaInfo. It will pop up a DBox showing all the data. You can then export to text (File/Export, then choose the Txt tab. Tick Advanced Mode. Pick a location from the little browse button then hit hit Save, then OK back in the main MI window. This _should_ save, but a few times I have had it miss fire and I had to have another go.

If you post the result of both your input file and the output file here, that can help people help you….Maybe not me! but as I said I can at least start.

I see you have posted to YT. That shows exactly what I got: if you freeze frame you see a “shadow” (“ghost”) of any moving bits and that’s where the flicker comes in.

Maybe you can post an example up to a sharing sire like photobucket etc. Just a few seconds is all that is needed. It would really help. I just found that YT added another layer to the process: it shows the result, but the film has to be dl’d to evaluate, and that again changes things AFAICS. I found that my post up to YT was even worse than my results on my PC, and in fact ruined a perfect render “down here”

So far I have not been able to avoid the jitters using any Progressive save (25p etc), if I render at 25fps.

I can’t guarantee a result, as I do not have YT sorted yet. But I am getting there. I do have _some_ good results.

Hope I can help sort us both out. I started to think I was going mad.

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