I am new to recording and


I am new to recording and editing videos. My main focus is music videos. I am an artist trying to promote myself an its very useful to be able to do the things yourself that cost the most. I started off just using my cell phone to get footage then i would take those videos an put them in a editing program and create my video. After doing a lot then comparing to videos i would see on youtube or other sites i started realizing i wasnt getting the music video look while editing it just looked like clips to music. First i thought it was my transitions so i studied that but still i wasnt getting the look. After watching numerous tutorials i saw how most music videos are shot at 24fps and i downloaded a dslr camera app to my phone which allowed me to change the frame rate to 24 an i immediately saw the difference the clips looked lile music video clips. So i then shot with a old video camera i had that also allowed u to change the frame rate an those clips looked good as well. Problem now is i got me a nikon cool pix B500 for christmas this is my 1st digital camera an i thought this would be a great upgrade but when u go to change the frame rate it only offers 25, 30, 60. I have numerous questions 1. Do u have to record at 24fps to get the music video look also what can you do in editing to get that real music video look? Im so new to all of this i didnt even know what frame rate is also i would be honored if you guys can check some of my videos out an tell me how i can improve. I am a whole rookie no schooling or anything please help you can find me on youtube under rap ceo here is a link to 2 videos fire i shot at 24frames with a video camera and the other jus a straight camera from my phone before i learned of frame rate.

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