I am just a few projects a


I am just a few projects ahead of you in my venture into wedding videography. I’ve taped and edited three weddings for free, one wedding for a GREATLY reduced price, and now have my first “full-price” wedding to shoot coming up in a couple weeks.

I have a Sony HDR HC1 videocamera. One of the first HD videocameras, but believe it or not, it still today scores in some rankings higher than many models just coming out. I’m a one-man show but do set up two other cameras that right before the ceremony I run around pressing record on them. πŸ™‚ If at all possible use the same model of camera (or at least the same manuafacturer) for all cameras on the shoot, because the color and general “look” of the footage is different for each manufacturer.

But back to what to charge. I divided mine into three levels: Ceremony Only (Silver), Ceremony and Reception (Gold), Pre-ceremony and Ceremony and Reception (Platinum). For the wedding coming up next month, I’m charging only $489 for Platinum. Silver is 299. Yes, these are VERY cheap, but my goal here was to get my demo reel looking good, cover my costs, and make a little money. I am making a new price list and demo reel, and will most likely almost double all prices.

So my advice to use is make a price list and go cheap starting out. (Put “effective dates” on your price list, in case they’re ever passedto a newclients after you’ve raised your prices). And yes, like tombarrerasaid, base your future prices on the number of mistakes you’ve made in the past. My first semi-paid wedding, I experimented with white balance, manual focus, all these fancy new things I had just learned, to get ready for the bride to come down the aisle. I got in position (I had already learned previously about the audience rising that blocks your view!Learned the hard way…), and then later realized I had forgotten to press record! Ugh.

Good luck to you. I’ve just joined this forum and plan on being an active participant to keep learning and sharing. John

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