I am in a similar situatio


I am in a similar situation. I am looking to purchase a second camcorder for my small videography business. I just do special events such as weddings, family reunions, and church anniversaries, etc. I currently have a JVC HDD 30 gig, but I am not very happy with the picture quality after it’s rendered. It’s an older model though so I’m hoping to get a new camera with better picture quality without going HD. My price range is about the same… $500 – $600. I prefer the hard drive cameras myself. I’m leaning towards the JVC mg255 or the Sony sr200. They both have 2100 pixels which I hope will produce the picture quality I am looking for. The JVC has 1 CCD, the Sony has 1 CMOS. Which is better? Is the poor picture quality of the JVC somewhat in part due to its proprietary .MOD HDD format? Anyone’s input would be greatly appreciated (smile)! Thanks

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