I am in a similar situatio


I am in a similar situation as you. I just returned to my hometown church after 9 years in the military, and am pretty much starting our video ministry from the ground up. We currently use 3 Sony consumer-grade (1 mini-DV and 2 Hi8) camcorders switched with a Videonics MX-1 mixer. We record straight to DVD and VHS. We also get our sound piped straight from the church’s sound system. We feel that our current quality is almost good enough to submit to the local cable channel, with our main problem being color balancing between different cameras, and the fact that our pulpit is white on a backround of dark green carpet and chairs.

If you don’t go with a live-switched recording, then definately invest in a hard-drive storage device for each camera. Hardware wise, our needs are to upgrade to better cameras (we are looking at Sony VX2100’s b/c of their superior low-light capability), and get video amps in place of our current splitter set-up (for sending the signal to the DVD recorder and VCR’s.)

We don’t currently do audience reaction shots (due mostly to a few technical and financial issues), but a few members have voiced concern that they DO NOT want to be on camera. You may want to consider this in your plans, too.

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