I am having problems with


I am having problems with Movie Edit Pro 14. When I try to burn a disc program made up of several photos, songs, and movies, my computer shuts down. I am running Windows XP with a 2.8 GHz pentium processor. I replaced the power supply, beefed up my HD (500GB), increased my memory to 3 GB of RAM, and tried a different DVD burner. No dice.

In the burn window, there’s plenty of space on the DVD. When I cut the DVD into several smaller disc projects that are 6-7 minutes long I can get it to burn. But, they have to be less than 500 MB. That seems like a waste of space on a DVD and a lot of DVDs to watch to enjoy a slideshow/movieshow of my vacation. Any advice?

PS I tried EMAGIX, but they want me to pay a fee to get tech support as I have had the program for about a year now.


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