I am going to start by say


I am going to start by saying that I respect your knowledge of the craft, and I agree with almost all of your posts, including the one about blacking new tapes being a waste of time. However, I think you might have to take a look at the Azden website http://www.azdencorp.com/shop/customer/home.php?cat=36. I was wrong about the VHF part though. Because they also have UHF. The 200 ULT model is a dual 63 channel on camera UHF wireless bodypack system. The reciever allows for two wireless transmitters at the same time. The reciever has two channel selectors to set the frequency for each of the two seperate transmitters. I never said they were on the same channel. It sells for $850. Check it out, it’s always good to keep up on the latest equipment. Hope this helps out.


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