I am going to respectfully


I am going to respectfully disagree with most of the previous poster.

I live in Greenville, SC. I have shot nearly 30 weddings and I have been told out right by each and every church that I AM NOT allowed to use wireless mics. The reason? They have a sound system and they don’t want to take a chance that my system will interfere with theirs.? I just follow their rules.

I live in a growing town where most of the churches have pretty nice systems.

Now to compensate, I do two things (If I am at all able).

1. I ask if they have the capability to record the audio through their wireless system. Then I ask for a copy of that recording.

2. I mic anyone not already wearing a wireless mic with my digital voice recorder.

I use an Olympus WS-100. In Hi-qualtiy mode, it records to WMAat 44.1 kHz for 4hrs 20min in stereo.

The only quirk I have with it is that I have to adjust the the audio line to 100.04% of the original speed so that it syncs with the video.

The sound quality is excellant! In most cases, better that the wireless system that the churches audio is recorded from.

I have gotten to the point I don’t plan on even using the church recording because my digital recording is sooo much better.

I think that many of the people that say, “No” to digital recorders, are purists. They are comfortable with the way things have always worked. I don’t fault anyone for that. I understand completely. Do what you are comfortable with. I received my college degree in Music Education. I myself am the biggest of musical snobs. I am a musical purist. But I find that being able to assurethe church/venue administration with 100% confidence that my sound recording device will not cause interference makes my job so much easier.

Many people have told me in the past that if you have issue with the church rules, then get your debating skills ready and make your case to the church. But why do that when there is a better way. A way where the sound is just as good.

But I look at it like this, if people didn’t try new/different things we would still be using VHS tapes and large editing machines that only rich people would ever be able to get into the editing business.

There are newer digital recorders on the market now that record much much higher quality. I have seen some that record straight to CD quality WAV files.

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