I am glad you are here and


I am glad you are here and that you find some of what goes on at Videomaker Forums useful, Lara. Hang around, this is a GREAT community.

Doing satire or using such material for a spoof or some kind of Saturday Night Live type skit is probably going to pass as fair use. Still, you have to give some serious thought to how you use it and under what circumstances it is shown. In addition to copyright issues, there exists the potential for other legal complaints as well.

You should really consider having knowedgeable legal counsel regarding footage you intend to use even for informational purposes with or without credits or acknowledgement of copyright ownership without written releases. Everybody is so litigation happy, sometimes rightly so, in this day and age. What is that spoofy news site? Onion something or another, that plays off real world news? I am sure there are ways, but it is paramount that you understand the potential pitfalls before treading on thin ice.

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