I am becoming a considerab


I am becoming a considerable fan of my Panasonic HDC SD-900, due to its great image-quality; but then, my speciality is natural history, so instead of basketball players screaming up-and-down the court, mine is likely to be crabs, creeping over mudflats ahead of an advancing tide. Also, the SD-900 is not one for ‘big-hands’ in my experience. And just for the benefits of converts, like myself. If ever carrying this camcorder tripod-mounted, ‘between-shots’, slip a rubber band around the flip-out screen to secure it to the camcorder body, since, somewhat incomprehensibly, this device has no positive lock, andthe implications of it getting caught-up in an overhead branch, don’t bear thinking-about.

Anyway, you’ve already made your purchase; so why am I telling-you-this?


Ian Smith – Dunedin, New Zealand.

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