I am about to buy the NEX


I am about to buy the NEX VG20, my total price for an effective production rig to start me out is $3000 to do real true quality, this includes 3 lenses, a tripod, extra batteries, carrying case, a $200 shotgun microphone with a boom stand an arm to use in multiple situations, and some sort of steadicam for non tripod situations.


My advice in terms of what camera to get, there are only 2 ways to go, DSLR or DSLR hybrid cause of the image quality, the quality of the video, is so awesome it blows away anything that isnt gonna be $7000 or more.


in terms of audio, you get a nice microphone for it, but then you get and XLR adapter to 3.5mm mini jack input, you just have to make sure that the adpater cord is correctly wired, they cost about $5


THE best part about DSLR and DSLR hydbrids, is that the lenses are interchangeable they arent attached to camera all the time, so 3 years down the road when you decide to upgrade to a newer more expensive model DSLR or DSLR hybrid, then you can keep your lenses, sell your camera, buy the new one body only and you already have lens for it. On top of it you can buy lenses that are expensive that will upgrade your image quality, you can buy better lenses, to make your DSLR even better, like a $1400 Carl Zeiss Lens that gives you top quality image


the sony NEX VG20 is currently the lowest priced hybrid, all the other versions are like $3000, $7000, and Canon's version is $10,500


the VG20 is the only one made in the $1500-$2000 range body only

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