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I am a television producer on a small European Island called Malta in the Med Sea, just below Sicily. I am also an American from New York, and studied Mass Media Comm. at a SUNY school. Copyright law was a big thing when i was in school and even for the time I was working in the states. Here it is a joke. I married a girl from Malta, which is what brought me here and working for the National Television Station. I constantly here Copyrighted music on air, at my station and at the five others on the Island. I tell my fellow techi’s that using thismaterialwithout permission is breaking the law, Not only US law But European Law as well as Maltese Law. Not only do they use music but video as well, even films shot with a DV cam and put onto air as if it were theirs for the using. The answer or comments I get back from them is: “Copyright What is that?” Though I work for the station and would be out of a job if some producer sued, I wish it would happen just to teach them a lesson. Britney spears, U2 and Film Producers, should visit Malta and see how they are using the songs and movies they own the copyrights to. Teach them all a lesson!

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