I am a studio user and hav


I am a studio user and have not had the crash problems that everyone else seems to have that causes Pinnacle to “suck”

Forgive my ignorance, I haven’t had to look at another program cause Studio works fine for me, but aren’t you comparing a $100 program with an $800 program??

I did a two camera edit on studio 9. It was shot on two different cameras. JVC (combo CCD Chip and Panasonic 3CCD Chip. The image quality was like chalk and cheese. The Audio quality was better on the Panasonc so I just muted the audio on the Jvc footage. It took a litle bit of adjustment to sync the video to the audio between the cameras, but once done it was smooth sailing from there. I adjusted the image colour saturation on the JVC footage, but the image clarity was far superiou on the Panasonic. We didn’t care, the footage was memories for friends and they were over the moon. Now if I was producing the DVD for financial gain – then thats a different thig altogether and I would have two identical cameras.

Have fun, experiment – its not hard to do

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