I am a student at the Univ


I am a student at the University of Florida and I am looking to purchase a camera to start experimenting with my own films. The three cameras that seem to best fit my price range and experience are Canon’s GL2 and Sony’s HDR-HC1 and DCRVX2100. While the GL2 and DCR-VX2100 seem to be higher caliber cameras than the HDR-HC1, the HDR-HC1 seems to cater to the filmmaker market and also provide HD quality. Obviously, I can’t afford an HD tv, hddvd player, etc. so HD wouldn’t be an advantage for probably a year or two…. So the question is, with my current situation in mind, would I be foolish to forego HD for a more upscale and maybe obsolete camera? If so, which would be the better choice?

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