I always take a 50% deposi


I always take a 50% deposit, with the rest due at completion. Unfortunately I’ve gotten stiffed once or twice, and waiting for people to pay sucks. Sometimes it isn’t a priority for people to give me my money, which is bogus because it’s how I pay my rent. We entered an agreement, and I upheld my end. Another alternative is collections. Obviously you need to have your contract ironed out to go this route. Personally I hate the idea of having to take someone to collections. You don’t even end up getting all of your money, and I would feel like a jerk.

A friend suggested creating a proof with a GIANT timecode stamp over the top. Once they review it they’ll give you your money and you deliver the finished product. I have yet to try this, but I’m hoping it will work. Getting stiffed is LAME.

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