I always “stripe” or “blac


I always “stripe” or “blacken: new tapes.

It has two functions,
1. To run the tape through the camera and make sure it spools correctly.
2. But most importantly to put one continious time code on the tape for the whole of its length.

The time code is not changed when you record on it later, even if you take the tape out the camera and use it in the camera at a different time later on a different spot on the tape the time code will still be continious.

This is important when you are capturing to the computer, especially if you onlywant to capture some of the scenes as if you have two or more scenes with the same timecode, the editing software can become confused as to which scene is required.

The only trap is that on most cameras, HD striped tapes and SD striped tapes are not intercangable for the other format.

It is worth the effort.

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