I always arrange to obtain


I always arrange to obtain a copy of the presentation, slides, whatever, then focus on lighting the speaker/presenter as necessary in whatever way I can that does not throw light directly onto the screen. This is, of course, most difficult with presenters who like to roam the room, the stage or walk back and forth across the screen. When that happens I simply shoot for what I can get, opening up my iris or upping the gain to get the presentor.

If they remain at the podium, stand to the side of the screen, and/or use a laser pointer then I can bring on some of my own auxiliary lighting. At the podium I will often use an LED setup ON the podium but you have to be careful with this as it can cause Frankenstein shadows, and I also attempt to set up a light like a hair light above and to the back of the presenter’s head. I will sometimes attempt to set up a soft light source above and to the front of the speaker, when possible.

This all goes out the door if the presenter insists on a dark room with only the projector light, or if he/she is a roamer. I go prepared, and try to have an understanding WAY before the program or event, but I always come early because most of these people have a tendency to forget what they told you before, and do their own thing when showtime arrives.

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