I also use Vegas 6.0 and I


I also use Vegas 6.0 and I think your problem is your NLE’s don’t support HD editing. Now I’m able to use HD video in Vegas, but it has to be cropped or shrunken using the track adjustment controls (on the entire track or just selected video events.) I have used HD stock footage on several occasions without any problem. But I don’t have to capture the footage, it arrives as a file.

What you want to do is get the video from the hard drive on your camcorder onto the hard drive of your computer. If you can’t open the camera by double clicking on it and then dragging & dropping your files (or using the CopyTo or MoveTo Windows buttons.) Then use your USB connection to have the camcorder recognized as an external hard drive, then transfer the files. Frequently connecting the camcorder through the USB port requires you to select what function you want. The HD camcorder can be, at least, recognized as a webcam or as a hard drive. You have to select the function in the camcorder’s menu before connecting it via the USB port.

You may need to refer to your manual to locate the menu settings. Just check the index (at the back) for USB connection. Good luck. And if for some reason you still have problems, come back here.

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