I also transfer a lot of VHS


I also transfer a lot of VHS for people to DVD, USB Key and hard drive, and really the best place to start to provide your best quality transfer is with your VHS player. Most people just grab any old VHS player, or try to use the ones that are still bring sold in DVD combos, hook up the yellow RCA composite to a cheap VCR-To-USB converter that they bought at the department store that do terrible on-the-fly VHS-to–progressive-MP4 conversions. Or some hookup the VCR to a set top DVD-recorder by composite and transfer that way.

Really you need to be using a good quality S-VHS player that can transfer your video by S-Video, and a converter like a Canopus ADVC-100/300/700 that can accept S-Video. I know people say that when dealing with VHS it is “garbage in, garbage out”, but if you are transferring first generation VHS camcorder tapes (either full size or the VHS-C size), where it was the tape the person originally recorded on then you really need an S-Video transfer as you have got very little noise in the picture, especially if it was recorded at SP (it’ll still work at SL
P/EP, but there’ll be noise from the SLPQ. If youtransfer a VHS by RCA composite then you are adding composite noise to the signal that your converter is going to have to try to remove. And in the digital world that noise will be amplified with compression.


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