I also saw the video winne


I also saw the video winners’ movies on the web site, and while the various production values seem fair to decent on many of the entries, what did strike me was the weak storylines and plots on the majority of them. There was a lot of weak storytelling and continuity glitches to be seen.
I teach a video production course in a high school and we normally spend half the year learning how to write a good story, and then how to tell it in a visually effective way. The software used is of minimal importance in the beginners’ course. A basic camcorder, I-Movie or Windows Movie Maker is more than enough to learn the basics of good visual storytelling and continuity. It’s only after they have mastered the basics that the higher end programs (we use Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Avid Xpress Pro) can actually add anything of value to their productions by allowing more precise cutting and editing tools.

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