I also HAVE had occasion t


I also HAVE had occasion to re-stage the kiss shot due to unforeseen difficulties, as well as staging closeups of rings onto fingers to cut to during the REAL rings ceremony. Even a few times have re-staged unity candle scenes. It CAN be done, if absolutely necessary to make the BEST possible production, or to correct known real-time errors during acquisition. Not something to think like, “fix it in post” but these ARE things that can save, make or break a really GREAT shoot. Of course, re-staging isn’t ALWAYS an option.

Story time: Shot B&G ceremony on bridge over pond in garden wedding (one time outdoor, another time indoors – both with water falls or fountains directly behind staging area) with BAD audio no matter what or how I tried to work around those dang falls/fountains.

Advised couples both times of the evident and obvious problem/challenge and both (along with the officiant) worked with me to reenact the vows (vocals, that is) in a quieter area. I then picked up some ambient sound from the areas and brought it WAYYYYYY down, placing the vows over the top and audible. Lip Sync? you may ask. Yeah, there’s that: one couple & minister locked and loaded, watching the original while doing VO and tagged it perfect; other couple, especially the minister, lip sync challenged, so after a few unsuccessful takes, they agreed that I had plenty of B-roll and some of the main cam, along with cam C footage to do a really sweet montage treatment that took focus off the lips and on the ceremony. It worked. Certainly worth the trouble for me and the couples, to try this.

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