I also have a Beast of a


I also have a Beast of a computer for editing, with two wall mounted 32 in monitors. My Beast runs both Windows 7 Pro and Linux Cinnamon Sara. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 on Win 7 and Kdenlive on Linux. I use Linux about 99% of the time. Kdenlive is as good as Vegas 13 is. In fact we have the Beast, a Laptop running Windows 8 and Linux and the we have another laptop running Windows 10, that one is hooked to our HD TV and it runs KODI.

The Beast is My editing Computer, it is a Desktop, with 5 Fans in it, 16 GB Hard drive space, Intel I7 CPU, 64 Bit system, a 4 GB Graphics card, a Surround Sound Audio card. My Monitors are both Panasonic Veria, and do fine.

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