I also have a Beachtek for


I also have a Beachtek for my FX1 and picked up a microphone holder as well.I am using a video Rode mic as an on board mic. I took it out of the integrated shock mount and mounted it to the camera. I have secured all my cords so they don’t rub the body of the camera. I haven’t had any problems with picking up camera noise or touch noise even when I hold the camer now. I did becasue I was not holding the camera firmly and it pickup that up. Heck if I scratched my jeans it sometimes would pick that up too. Good mics!!!

I have picked up a grip wrap, that do not have adhesive, made by LimbSavers, used for bows. The are a manufacturer of vibration and noise damping items.

I am going to add this to my handle and the mic itself to see if it will also help in reducing noise even more…just to see what it will do or not do.

I was also thinking about using the mini-limbsaver, stick on, for the mic and the wrap for the handle.mini

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