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I find myself trying to understand your point about Adobe being all separate programs. Isn't it the same with Sony to some degree?


Not actually having used either Adobe Creative Cloud or Sony Creative Software as mentioned above, here is my cursory understanding of how these competitors address the different needs of a video editor:



Video Editing:  Premiere Pro

Special Effects:  After Effects

Audio Editing:  Audition

Encoding:  Media Encoder

DVD Authoring: Encore

Video Ingest / Workflow:  Prelude

Color Grading:  Speedgrade

Total Programs: 7



Video Editing: Vegas Pro

Special Effects: HitFilm

Audio Editing: Sound Forge

Titles: Titler

Encoding: Production Assistant (plugin)

DVD Authoring: DVD Architect

Video Ingest / Workflow: Production Assistant

Color Grading: Vegas Pro

Total Programs: 6



So, obviously both companies employ multiple programs to address the gamut of needs. The Adobe suite has 7 pieces and Sony 6. Is Adobe really that much more disjoint than the Sony suite? If so, it is not immediately clear. Can you let me know more about your take on this?


Reading more of the program promo info, I'm starting to get a sense that Adobe may be more team focused. On the other hand, that would mean that Sony might be a better choice for the solo video producer. Would you agree with this interpretation?






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