I ALMOST ALWAYS ASL but also have them attached and ready to use in emergencies. Regardless of what people in or out of the industry say, what manufacturers claim or otherwise, VIDEO IS LIGHT, LIGHT IS VIDEO, and you will NOT get the same quality color and image results in poorly lighted venues without some kind of lighting, used appropriately. THAT BEING SAID …

… another thing I do is turn on the light with it and the camera facing the floor or ceiling, THEN when the people I throw it on notice it’s coming I bring it into play. I use toughspun in front of the light if it needs, or use a dispersal filter if such a thing is available for the model lights I happen to be using. I DON’T use Kleigs or some other Super Nova lamp system ;-(

I also use small, LED units with disposable batteries to place inconspicuously around the head table, etc. that are rather unobtrusive and yield just enough glow that I get good results, same thing for audio backup, using my arsenal of Zoom H2 standalone recorders for sound.

I HAVE set up and used 1,800 watts worth of NRG studio lighting around the dance floor. Reaction is a mixed bag, but if I have hassles it’s usually from the DJ who complains that My lights are having an adverse effect on HIS light show … most of them are compliant enough that a compromise is possible, say for the main dances, but not after the party dancing starts.

Until there’s an affordable camera that tests out to produce the SAME image quality, clarity and coloration with or without available or added lighting, I will bring and use them when they are necessary to produce a quality production. I HAVE had clients tell me NO LIGHTS and I add a line to the production agreement so stating, warning of the loss of quality, emphatically stating that NO CAMERA on the market can match one that USES lighting properly, and they sign off on any resulting liability due to perceived lack of quality based on their demand to NOT use any lighting at all.

Their call.

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