I agree with you Trusso. When


I agree with you Trusso. When I search for  work online 95% are looking for people who use FCP.

A few times I've inquired about giving Vegas editors a chance. Afterall, it's the finished product that counts, not the tool use to do the job. Those who have taken me up on it were satisfied

with the end product and so our point is proved. I've come to believe that many people have heard that FCP is what's popular and so that's what they ask for although they know nothing about video production.


I've been using Vegas since 2004 when I started with version 4. Now I'm using Pro 10 and will most likely soon move on to Pro 12. Vegas, for me, has been a wonderful experience. I find it very stable and easy to use. There is still a lot I want to learn. I might even take a Vegas certification

course when I get some time.


In our video association NYPV (New York Professional Videographers) we have about 25 steady members. About one third use Vegas, one third FCP and the rest various systems like Premiere,

Edius, etc.


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