I agree with you that Avid


I agree with you that Avid is the king of the hill. More over it would be nearly impossible to dethrowne it. (Since they bought Pinnacle).

Avid had to make xpres DV and make it “affordable” because of the Premier and FCP and other potential threats from the looming competition.

Programs like Sony Vegas, FCP and Premiere are no longer second class citizens they used to be. Especially Vegas since it was aquired by Sony, it is now in it’s 6th incarnation it does so much more then Avid Xpress right out of the box, needs way less hardware and even opens avid files for editing.

There is also a threat to Avid even from the Linux community that has their own second incarnation of the Cinerella video editor which is experiencing a helthy growing as well. Decisions on choosing an editor are no longer crystal clear as they were 2-3 years ago…

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