I agree with you on Vista.


I agree with you on Vista. Vista was just a bad idea. It has more holes than a golf course. I recently purchased a new Dell and insisted on XP professional for this reason. So far I haven’t had any issues with XP.

The OS is another thing to look at when deciding on your NLE. I know people who detest macs, and others who love it. And the same for PC’s. If you are a Mac guy then a PC program is not for you, and if you are a PC guy a switch to Mac could be a jolt. I understand where Fallingstarfilms is right now. It was a big step. He was happy with Vegas but it seems Vista made the choice for him, and a bit of corralling from his friends. The NLE wasn’t at fault, it was the platform it sits on.

He could probably do anything he ever wanted to do with Vegas. He was comfortable with it. But the OS was unstable.

This is why I have a big issue with Vista. Not only is it crap. But it has probably forced more people like fallingstarfilms to take chances and make changes. In time I’m sure he will become proficient with FCP, but his dilemma was unnecessary.

I’m happy with XP and my NLE, but if/when I have to, I’d probably switch too.

If “Windows” doesn’t get it’s act together soon, there may be a mad rush over to Mac. πŸ˜€


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