I agree with what has been


I agree with what has been said. I, too, tried to get permission to use the record album "Air Power" for an airshow movie. Sony wanted $200 just to file the request. I ended up using royalty free music from Digital Juice.

This entire issue is like driving down the highway. Speed limit is 55. Some of us may drive 56 or 57. Cops won’t bother you. But if you drive real fast, they can’t ignore you and you get a ticket. Copyright is the same. If you video tape a relative’s wedding, chances are, you can get away with using commericial music. It’s not legal but maybe the worst you get is an order to stop. But if you place the wedding movie on public access channel, or Youtube, etc., then the copyright police might decide to pull you over.

You might get away with using a small sample of a song but it depends on how its going to be used. If its used in an educational video – for a class project, probably no problem. You use a small clip of music that stands out and is essential to your "commercial" video, then you’re asking for trouble.

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