I agree with the post abov


I agree with the post above … Avid was a great editing tool .. and has its market dominance because it was one of the first non-linear systems out .. and was ground breaking when it first came out this was a time when tape suites was all that was available and to do a basic dissolve you had to dump of the shot and do a a-b roll with a 3 machine suite .. or to cut a bit out the middle you had to dump off the second half of the edit and re recording then came Avid (non-linear) .. and shook up the editing industry …

Its an old school snobbery … I use avid everyday at work in production houses … but when I come home and edit I use prem pro because its so well integrated with other programs Encore / After Effects / Photoshop and much easier and less time consuming … Avid has had its day and is losing its dominance ..because it cant keep up or is a pain to integrate … you have to have the right hardware (soundcard etc) .. the right operating system (Avid not working with Vista etc) while newer non linear systems plug and play and integrate so much easier

plus Kids coming out college are all trained on other editing software .. and it will be the norm to know prem pro / final cut etc as the old schoollers get left behind just like the software

If your looking to get a home system go with FCP or Premier it can do everything Avid can quicker .. but its good to know how to operate Avid at the moment for work reasons … but its resting on its laurels … the other software will soon surpass it

This also goes for Hardware in the old days every tape suite had … DVEs, timecode Generators, Waveform Monitors the list is endless now these all come as standard with the most basic of home editing software .. which ever option you choose for your own home edit system is still better equipped than the most professional 10 – 15 years ago for a lot less money and better quality …


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