I agree with the above opi


I agree with the above opinions that you can’t have the background music. I would ask the facility if they can either turn the volume down or off during your shoot. If you’re shooting a specific event in the community center where the background music is not meant for nor part of the event, I would try to set a directional mike(s) as close to the event as possible so that the event’s activities will mask or diminish the music. At that point, you might be able to make the case that the music was not part of the video and an effort was made to avoid it.

I don’t think a person’s right to have an event video taped should be infringed because the facility happens to be playing canned music in the background and in particular, if the music isn’t even suitable for the video event.

One last point, if the Community Center is paying you to shoot a video of the Community Center, their license may allow the use of the music if directly related to the Community Center. You need to have them check their license, if this is the case.

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