I agree with Sarge as well


I agree with Sarge as well.. I started video editing on a big expensive Dell tower as fast as it would get, running Adobe AE, Premiere Pro, etc.. along with the required scratch disks needed, a total of 3 drives that is. As my projects got larger I just couldn’t keep the system stable. Too many crashes, corrupt project files, it was just painful. So I decided to take the Mac plunge, I figured it could either be much better (as advertised by the community) or the same.. I also wanted to use FCP & Motion.. so I choose to make the switch. I bought a fast G5, FCP Suite and one FW400 drive.. instantly I was faster in editing.. that was then, and this is now.

With that being said, I run all my projects on a $1500 iMac running FCP 6 and I also have Adobe Master Collection CS5 running. Like Sarge said.. I feel OSX is much more stable than Windows, the file structure is better, the kernel is better. So in hindsight I’m glad I made the switch. This past week I was still smiling as I had FCP & Photoshop up and running editing a video for 4 days straight.. no issues. I’ve had issues for sure.. but nothing compared to my Windows days..

All that to say, you gotta do what’s right for you, what you’ve invested in software, etc.. Systems are much better now, from my experience (and I must add I make a living off Microsoft being a sr. network engineer) that the Apple OS is more stable for what I use it for.. end of story for me.

In the end.. it’s about theproduction, the video, , the project, the end result and does the passion of your project get conveyed to the viewer.. are you using what you have to its fullest.. or is there a training/learning issue that you need to gain an edge?

Good luck..

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