I agree with Hank and RAM.


I agree with Hank and RAM. There is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that any of us have heard of and it is NOT ENFORCED for what we can all clearly see here. Not even ONE SINGLE PERSON has provided one single evidence or proof.

You can explain the law until you are blue in the face, but that is not going to change things. The only thing that will change this is for the big guys to go after videographers (or others like wedding DVD producers, etc.) using regular music on their videos and/or DVD’s. And for what we can all see, that’s never going to happen.

Again, we have talked about the law enough here. Let’s get to the REALITY and EVIDENCE of things. We are not arguing what is right or wrong, we are arguing how things REALLY ARE.

And by the way, just because we are talking about the reality of things, it doesn’t mean that we agree with people using music illegally, ( if it does really matter to the folks NOT doing anything about it to start with ). We are not saying one way or another. We are just talking about how things really are. That’s all. Simple. So let’s not insult each other for no reason. Let’s talk like professionals and mature people. We are here to help and share with each other.

luke409, if you really want to contribute to this topic and really be productive, don’t just call anyone here a thief. Put your comments into ACTION and provide us with EXAMPLES and EVIDENCE. Any “articles”, “web links”, “reference materials”, “court public records”, etc. that demonstrate that wedding videographers got sued or in trouble because of the use of regular music on their video presentations?
Let’s see how really good you REALLY are. We will be waiting for your posts.

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