I Agree with Earl… the c


I Agree with Earl… the cost of these units is high and they are more effective with bigger heavier cameras.

For ultra light weight cameras….

leaving the collapsed tripod attached and practicing is a pretty darn good alternative to any steady cam…

I also have success using mu tripod this way:

I have a bunch of grip equipment laying around anyways… so I used plumbing pipe insulation and gaffer tape to insulate and pad two of the three legs on one of my older manfrotto light tripods.

on the third leg, I used a manfrotto pipe clamp and light weight ball head with quick release plate and pistol grip. mounting the camera to the leg and resting the padded tripod on my shoulder, the tripod then becomes a shoulder mount which is quite stabil with the sr 12 and hdr hc1 or d-slr.

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