I agree with Earl on this,


I agree with Earl on this, in fact here I am


Shawn, I can see what you are hoping to accomplish with the site you are building. A vast community to share resources for video work.

Some other sites that have accomplished that goal?


Many of the people here do have their own blogs, where they post tips about their own experiences and tricks for making things work in video production. A vast video community of resources is a good idea, but in the end it may turn out to be the WalMart of the video resource world.

Think for a moment. You and several others shoot some great stock video (BTW I saw one of the videos on your site is a “find” on youtube, I see copyright issues), take some awesome photos and upload some tunes. However their is no copyright release to download and no evidence trail back to the production of some of the uploads (youtube video find as example). But suppose the site continues to grow, you are obtaining a lot of “free” footage and resources, but as the site grows so does management of the site, and a host of issues WILL come up, soon it will start to rob time, you will need more “free” help. Soon ideas clash and then some words are exchanged, someone is “removed” from helping and then you get served with papers for copyright infringement because at the ground level no one that submitted work was required to release their hold to you or the site. In the end you WILL have to start charging a fee somewhere and at some point. In the meantime while your services are free, ones (and many are members here) that obtain a few dollars by offering stock video and music are put out of business or cannot update their files because you are offering it for free.

In the meantime, those that are uploading to the community share site “forget” where they got this piece or that piece and upload it, then you learn that it is a copyright protected piece or a piece that is offered by someone here that is scratching out a living from a “pennies to pay” for their stock footage and now their stock footage is uploaded to your site and given away.

When I first saw your site I knew it was a great idea, but when I dug into it and realized that ANYONE can upload anything and make a claim, I can foresee that you will at some point in the near future need some very big lawyer’s. When I see a post “this was a find on youtube,” and (http://www.videezy.com/elements-and-effects/274-free-hd-spiral-effect) it is the uploader to share.

My first concern after seeing that is if these videos were downloaded (or any part of) from a paid for stock site then reuploaded here, that is file sharing.

I do think you have a awesome idea, but I do think you need to do verification of copyright and have the right for each piece of stock ready for download. If the uploaders were one or two people only and they obtained all the footage it would be much easier, but an open door policy to upload without proof is a scary idea.


You state in your terms

“it is your responsibility to take action and contact the offender – Videezy is not a legal authority and cannot act upon overstepped boundaries. Users – please abide by each artist’s license and desires. Videezy holds no responsibility for the use of the video once they are downloaded – we only offer the space and community for uploading/ downloading.”

Stating this in their terms did not stop youtube from being sued, or Priatebay, or Napster, etc. What you have created is a file sharing site, and you are depending on the uploader to be “honest”. bittorrent was started under the purest of motives, but that past intent will not save anyone in court that uses bittorrent with the share setting open.

I also think recruiting persons from here for the blog or for sharing stock is kinda like Walmart going into a small town and winning over enough small businesses to kill the rest. I know that is not your intent and it was not Walmarts in the beginning.

IMO your site would be perfect with more administration and a fee, No one likes fees, but they are a huge help with honesty when it comes to file sharing.

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